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Oceans Away —
Apart — What was it that attracted me? That mysterious force.
Angel — I could swear an oath upon: "I've seen an angel here today"
Your Eyes — As clear as your eyes are ethereal They burn my heart so deep
With Me — I wouldn't have the strength to get through all of life's difficulties
Inseparable — We started our life together
Today — On this day years ago we pledged our lives together.
Together — We've had our share of problems but we've enjoyed a rich lifeTogether.
Purpose — The days come and go filled with work the kids bills.
Friend — Better friends could never be found,
Here for me — If I fell and scraped my knees, You’d dry away my tears.
Biggest Fan — You've always been my biggest fan,
Appreciation — When I was a child, I never doubted that you were with me every step of
Strength —
Encouragement — If I stumbled, you were there to catch me,
Valentine's Day
Roses — Roses were red, Violets were blue, Their colors have faded,
Cupid — Cupid is bored and falling asleep,
Simple Gift — A simple card would never do, To carry all my feelings to (for) you,
Wish The Best — I wish you the best in every way,
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