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Synergy Gift Bottle- 12" Tall Glass Bottle- Printed on Bottle- "Love is... being with you". This gift bottle is the perfect medium for proclaiming to the world words you may have felt, but were waiting for the perfect way to say them. Message In A Bottle has now made it possible with the simple and to the point script which leaves no doubt in their mind or in their heart that you are indeed great together.

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Janeen Dodson - May 21st 2014
Comments: I have to say that although my husband doesn't do romantic things everyday, when he does do them...he does them to a level that blows me a way. We celebrated our first anniversary yesterday and we exchange the traditional gift of paper. His gift to me was the message in a bottle (he sent me on a scavenger hunt with written notes all around the house to find my gift). I think the thing that blew me away about this gift was that I had NEVER told him about my dreams as a little girl to one day find a message in a bottle with a letter from my true love. I would see it in the movies but never thought it would happen to me. Well yesterday it did. Besides my son, it is truly the most precious gift he has ever given me.
Tony Vanni - January 9th 2015
I used a message in a bottle to surprise my wife with an anniversary trip and my experience could not have been better. I talked with customer service before i ordered to make sure that it could be delivered on a specific day and they assured me they could do it and they did. I wrote my own note to put in the bottle and the formatting and font was perfect. When my wife opened the box she said other women in the office were impressed with the uniqueness of the gift alone. So much better than flowers! When she read the note, she was so surprised she didnt know what to say so she just handed it to the other ladies to read. She said half of the women were crying. Some asked how I even found something so cool and unique. By the end of the day i was a hero and all of the women's husbands were a little upset with me because they had all called to tell them what happened! :) One of the doctors even said he was going to do the same thing for his wife. I would absolutely recommend message in a bottle to anyone that wanted to give a gift that is a little different than flowers and will be remembered and talked about for quite a long time (I still get smiles and compliments from all the women in the office every time I stop by to see my wife!).
Tamika Hilliard - February 25th 2015
Everything was perfect. I actually sent this gift to my girlfriend at her job and even the married men at her job were like OMG. They had never heard about "message in a bottle" and if I'm not mistaking, my girlfriends manager went on the website the very same day purchased 2 bottles for his wife. They told me I needed to stop showing off because I was making the fellas look bad.

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