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Harmony Gift Bottle- 12? Tall Glass Bottle - Features hand etching and is encrusted with 46 Dazzling Red Crystals that are securely faceted in the glass and accented with a matching Fire Red Heart around the neck of the bottle.

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Antique Key Antique Key
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Red Petals Red Petals
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Kent Hadick - February 26th 2015
The entire process was very simple. The best part was my wifes reaction after opening the package. As it turns out, the first note that I had written to the woman that I would eventually marry was left on her doorstep in a bottle with a stolen rose. After 30 years she still has that bottle, note and rose. I think that she'll cherish this memprable addition just as long.
Darren Peterson - June 30th 2015
All in all you all have helped get me out of a lot of trouble with the wife. Thank you. It would be helpful to get more pre written messages or messages with fill in the blanks. since some of us are not any kind of poets or good at writing all the mushy stuff:)
Sarah Kleespies - July 13th 2014
I ordered a message in a bottle for my girlfriend for her birthday. I was looking for something original and unique that had meaning behind it. I have to say that both my girlfriend and I are completely in awe of it! It's absolutely beautiful. My favorite thing about it was that I was able to design and personalize it to fit her exactly...and I love that I was able to write my own message on the scroll. Thank you for making a special weekend even better! ***
Julia Warren - May 23rd 2015
Really unique and wonderful anniversary for my hubby! I'm so excited to give it to him. The quality and size of bottle is great. Highly recommended!

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